La Trame

La-Trame® is the name given here to the coherence diagram of the flow of information in our body. This diagram is considered as a “quantum” grid dictating to each cell its place and its function.

This practice is based on the premise that the causes of disruption of this pattern of coherence most often come from emotions.
When they are too strong or badly experienced, they harm or block the good flow of information in our Trame®.
So the principle, La-Trame®, is to replace the initial diagram of the body by harmonizing it with a sequence of sixteen mouvements.
This sequence releases the crystallized emotions, blockages on the physical, psychic, emotional levels.

The practitioner works in the whole body and mind :
– No psychoanalytic, psychological or medical interpretation
– No manipulation
– No diagnosis or medical prescription

The practice is painless, the patient remains clothed.
The sessions are spaced 3 to 6 weeks apart to allow time for the body to self-regulate.
Marc Gutekunst is a practitioner and trainer of the Trame.
He is a member of the La Trame association.

In any case, this natural practice does not replace any other treatment, medical follow-up or therapy whatsoever.
It is simply a complement in capacity to optimize all therapies for those who wish