Jun 2019

Lu Zhengdao

Creator of Dao Qi Health Culture
Mentor of Human New Culture
Mentor of Zhineng Qigong
Clinical Psychologist and Immunologist

At a young age, Lu was very ill due to severe academic pressure and poverty, unable to live a normal life like everyone else: study, graduate, and find a job. However, motivated by the need to improve his health, and his life, he chose a new path to learn self-healing and how to heal others. He found, thanks to his teacher, Grandmaster Dr. Pang Ming, a totally new way of life.

Dr. Pang has full knowledge of western and Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Buddhism, Daoism and Confucian qigong, martial arts, as well as Chinese culture and history. Dr.Pang’s ability to see the big picture more clearly than anyone else in qigong history enabled him to create a new qigong culture and science. He called this Zhineng Qigong – Wisdom Capability Energy Cultivation.
Inspired by Dr. Pang, Lu completely changed his awareness of life’s values and perception of the world, he formed a unique view of “how the material world changes people” and “what a true person should be”.

Lu teaches qi healing theory and practices combined with other knowledge and sciences of Buddhism, Daoism, psychology, western medicine and Chinese medicine. Lu has been teaching and training more than 46,000 people at events in more than 21 countries and areas all over the world in the past 27 years.
Since 2000, Lu has successfully implemented the most advanced science of Psychiatry and Immunology into qigong practice and clinical healing, creating Dao Qi Health Culture.
Dao Qi Health Culture promotes the understanding that human beings are born with natural healing ability. People can heal themselves whenever they are in the natural person state or in a high energy level with increased wisdom. Dao Qi Health Culture teaches the safest and the most effective way of healing, by working on “mind-nervous-endocrine-immune-system” networks.

Awakening self-healing ability and other life potentials, Dao Qi Health Culture helps people to understand the real connection between human beings and nature, between human beings and society, thereby enhancing health and quality of life.

Lu has many years of experience healing serious and chronic illnesses. Understanding his unique theory and practice of recommended methods results in living a long life in a supremely healthy way. Other medical treatments or use of nutritional supplements cannot provide comparable effects.
Lu strongly believes that “true self” is not a philosophy, nor a belief (spiritual or religious). Everyone is born with the true self. Most of us have no realization of this, or if we do, it has been inhibited since birth. Only when living in ones’ true self, can people live a true, fearless and free life.
Lu has dedicated his life to spreading this new culture and to share the idea of “living a long healthy life in true harmony, peace, self-awareness, freedom and equality” to as many people as possible.