Jun 2019

Xi Xiao Feng

My name is Xi Xiao Feng. I was born in 1971 in northern China’s Inner Mongolia.
The boundless prairie where I grew up helped my mind remain clear and pure….
From when I was very young, I thought about the real meaning of life. In 1991 I had my first contact with Zhineng Qigong scientific theory.
Through the study and practice of Zhineng Qigong I discovered a wonderful state of being. In the autumn of 1993 I gave up to go to college vocal music dream, then chose to enter oneself for an examination the HuaXia Zhineng qigong training center two-year teaching classes, passed the entrance exam and was lucky enough to take part in the two-year Teacher Training class at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Centre, taught by Dr. Pang personally.
Two years of study and accept the teaching of the Mr.PangMing teacher . Is the most important thing in my life experience, and in Dr. pang often teach the meaning of life, and how should human life of real, progressively establish my outlook on life, my value and my world- view, that I found out the direction of the life, I often the realization of the joy of, with the Dr. pang’s philanthropic together Be my good memories of youth, still strongly impressed on my heart. Now, my whole life state and great Zhineng qigong science has shaped the direction of my life and my life state itself.
Zhineng Qigong science is based on Hunyuan Entirety Theory. Understanding this theory can help us build a harmonious state, which is what all humans seek. I have dedicated my life to researching Zhineng Qigong science. I try to bring its benefits to other people, to relieve pain and suffering and to assist more and more people to achieve a harmonious life state.